Woman says deputy tased and killed her dog, sheriff says Bodycam video proves otherwise


LAUDERDALE COUNTY, Ala. — A Lauderdale County woman said she wants justice following the death of her dog. The woman said the dog was tased by a Lauderdale County Sheriff’s deputy but Sheriff Rick Singleton said otherwise.

Chelle Adkins is grieving the loss of her beloved Yorkie, Trigger.

“My grandkids and my kids and everybody—nobody can fathom the idea of how this has happened and how it’s come about that he is the victim out of this whole situation.”

Adkins said on the morning of April 25, deputies were called to her home for a domestic situation involving her boyfriend. She said she and the deputies were outside, but her boyfriend was inside and refused to open the door. She said deputies eventually got the door open and that’s when Trigger came out of his kennel and was tased.

She said he was taken to an emergency veterinarian but died about two hours later.

Sheriff Rick Singleton released Bodycam footage of the incident that he said proves the dog was not tased.

In the video, the stun gun appears to only strike the man and Trigger is seen in the bottom right corner of the screen. The man falls backward and begins shouting in pain and that’s when Trigger is also heard yelping.

“When they unlocked the door, the man was standing front and center,” Sheriff Rick Singleton said. “The deputy fired one Taser round striking the man, not the dog, and the man fell.”

The sheriff said he’s unsure what injuries Trigger suffered but is confident it wasn’t electrocution from the Taser.

“The wires are coated on the Taser; you’re not supposed to be electrocuted or shocked by just touching the wires,” Singleton said. “You’d have to touch both of them if it did shock you so we really don’t know what happened to the puppy.”

Adkins said the emergency vet told her otherwise, “They took him straight and put him on oxygen and did X-rays and that’s when they realized that he had been electrocuted. The vet stated there were no bruises, no nothing, there were no fractures, no bones broke, no anything that would’ve consist of anybody falling on him.”

Adkins said she’ll receive the report from the emergency vet to confirm the dog’s cause of death on Wednesday evening.

News 19 will follow up with Adkins and will provide an update on what that report says.

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