Williams capital murder trial continues; Medical examiner testifies about 70+ stab wounds


Jeremy Williams sits and listens to testimony of a state medical examiner on Friday. (Carter Watkins / WHNT)

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FLORENCE, Ala. – Friday, Lauderdale County prosecutors rested their case in the capital murder trial of Jeremy Williams in Florence.

First, they called the state medical examiner in charge of Brioni Rutland’s autopsy.

Defendant Jeremy Williams seemed uncomfortable as pictures of Rutland were introduced as evidence Friday.

The pictures showed the gunshot wound to Rutland’s left eye and more than 70 stab wounds to his body.

Dr. Kathleen Enstice, an Alabama Medical Examiner in Huntsville, performed the autopsy one day after Rutland’s body was pulled from the Tennessee River in late November 2013.

Enstice testified she had to remove chains and padlocks from around Rutland’s feet before removing his pants, which had been sliced by a sharp object.

The medical examiner also testified to finding bullet fragments below his brain during her autopsy of Rutland.

In afternoon testimony Dr. Enstice concluded a stab wound to Rutland’s neck severed his spinal cord, paralyzing him.

Prosecutors say this directly contradicts Williams’ claim that Rutland continued to attack him after he was stabbed.

The defense team will continue presenting their case to the jury on Saturday.

Both sides hope to be finished and ready for closing statements by late Saturday afternoon, or first thing Monday morning.