Wife surprised with bedroom covered in 7,000 sticky notes for Valentine’s Day

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FLORENCE, Ala. – Guys, you need to step up your Valentine’s Day game.

Jason Brinley of Florence, one-upped every guy on the planet this Valentine’s Day with his sweet sticky note surprise for his wife Jennifer.

7,000 sticky notes decorate the couples bedroom, each with a hand-written love note, or memory the two shared. Jason organized the notes in 8-bit patterns to form words like “love facts” and “I <3 you!”

Each wall had a different theme, the language of love, memories, lyrics, you name it and Jason wrote it on a sticky note.

He even sprung for a shirt with an 8-bit heart to complete the gesture.

On Wednesday, Jennifer shared a photo of the finished product on Reddit. The post has been upvoted more than 5,600 times with more than 500 comments.

For now, the notes remain on the wall as Jennifer slowly makes her way through each and every one.

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