WATERLOO, Ala. (WHNT) – The Town of Waterloo now has a public playground built and donated by the Waterloo Volunteer Fire Department (VFD).

The department had received a TVA grant for nearly $5,000. Money from that grant went toward creating a public playground.

The firefighters have been building it by themselves for the last five Sundays. They say there are playgrounds at the local schools but none of those are accessible to the public.

“The high school and the elementary school have a playground set up there, of course for the school kids, but as far as for the general public there’s not one here. So, we decided we would go after the grant, which we got, and we chipped in on it. We built the playground and it’s open to the public to be used whenever they feel like,” said fire chief Ted Kavich.

Saturday, August 5th, they will have a Swamp John’s Fish Fry open to the public from 4-7 p.m. All the money from the fish fry will go back into the VFD’s contributions to the community.