LAUDERDALE COUNTY, Ala. (WHNT) — Some residents in the Shoals are being asked to stop dripping water after the West Lauderdale Water System (WLWA) said they are at a “critical level.”

Customers are also encouraged to check their plumbing for any leaks and be as conservative as possible over the next several days.

“Our water tanks are dangerously low and the pumps are pumping at capacity at all pump stations,” WLWA said in an alert. “If you have a leak and you are letting your water run out on the ground you are endangering every resident on the West Lauderdale Water System. If any employee from West Lauderdale turns your water off or asks you to turn your water off and you do not, your leak insurance will be void!”

On Monday, the Alabama Department of Environmental Management (ADEM) said several public water systems in the state have been experiencing excessive water loss and are struggling to keep up with consumer demand as faucets are left dripping.

As temperatures rise and frozen pipes begin to thaw, plumbing issues and water leaks will become more noticeable, with water departments working hard to keep communities from running dry.

Meanwhile, homeowners across parts of Lincoln County, Tennessee are under a “boil water” advisory, after the Lincoln County Board of Public Utilities (LCBPU) “experienced a significant loss of water pressure” in the affected areas.

Residents in Lauderdale County can visit the WLWA website here, or call 256-766-8787.