LAUDERDALE COUNTY, Ala. (WHNT) — The case against a Florence man charged with several domestic violence charges involving his ex-girlfriend is expected to get underway in a virtual jury trial on Monday.

33-year-old Donald Eugene “Tre” Srygley pleaded not guilty in September, court records show, immediately following a Lauderdale County Grand Jury indictment, charging him on multiple counts of domestic violence after a woman accused him of strangling her multiple times into unconsciousness, beating her and possibly breaking her jaw.

Online court records say Srygley was arrested on May 30, 2022.

He is charged with three counts of domestic violence strangulation/suffocation, one count of attempted domestic violence strangulation/suffocation, two counts of domestic violence third-degree menacing, domestic violence third-degree/assault third-degree and two counts of interfering with a domestic violence emergency call.

In the deposition, the victim reported she and 32-year-old Srygley were in a vehicle together when he pulled a knife on her. She says he then drove her to a deserted area in Waterloo, where he strangled her three times, and each time until she was unconscious.

Court records continue with the victim stating that Srygley threatened to kill her, and took her phone so she wouldn’t be able to call for help.

The victim reported that while they were outside of the vehicle, Srygley would have her stand up, ask her a question, and knock her down after she answered. This is the point where the victim believes her jaw was broken, the report states. Court documents say her jaw was bruised and swollen, and she couldn’t completely open her mouth while she was being interviewed by authorities days after the incident.

Four days after the first alleged attack, according to a report, the victim reported that Srygley was able to get ahold of her phone and saw texts where she had confided in a friend about the initial incident a few days earlier.

Srygley then drove the victim back out to Waterloo and stopped the vehicle in the area of 25465 County Road 14. That’s when the victim said Srygley made her get out of the vehicle, put a gun that she believed to be a revolver to her back, and forced her to start walking.

According to court records, Srygley put the gun in her face, telling her that he “was going to kill her and dump her body in Waterloo where it would not be found.”

Srygley again took her phone and left it on the side of the road, the deposition says.

The victim reported that Srygley tried to strangle her again, but she was able to block him before passing out. Court documents say the victim had bruising and knots on the back of her head where she had “been repeatedly hit with fists and pistol.”

A warrant was issued for Srygley’s arrest and was carried out on May 30. On June 8, he was released from the Lauderdale County Jail on a $150,000 bond.