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FLORENCE, Ala. – The University of North of Alabama is mourning the loss of their beloved mascot, Una, after she passed away Tuesday morning.

According to a statement from the university, Una died after a brief illness. She was 17.

“All of us at UNA are saddened by Una’s passing,” said UNA President Ken Kitts in a statement. “She and her brother, Leo, are part of the UNA family, and we mourn her death. We also are grateful for the many years she had representing the University as part of the lion mascot duo as well as to Anne
and Dan Howard for the gracious care they have provided, and continue to provide, to our lions.”

Una was born in New Hampshire in 2002 and was moved to the George H. Carroll Lion Habitat on the UNA campus in 2003. She was the first female African lion mascot for the university.

“Una’s passing was peaceful, and her brother and caregivers were at her side,” said Dr. Brandon
Fisher, one of the two local veterinarians who provide care for Una and Leo. “It has been a
remarkable part of my career to be able to care for Una since she was a cub, to watch her grow
and to see her very distinctive personality develop.”

A memorial is expected to be planned for Una later this year. Leo is also expected to have a time of mourning for his sister. He is said to be in good health.