FLORENCE, Ala. (WHNT) — The University of North Alabama (UNA) Board of Trustees unanimously voted to increase tuition for undergraduate students by $20 per credit hour.

Marty Abroms, UNA trustee and chair of the UNA Finance Committee, told News 19 that they felt it was necessary to raise tuition to combat the rising cost of goods due to inflation. He later added that UNA remains one of the least funded universities on a per-student basis.

“I think most of our legislators are aware, but we need some action so we can avoid tuition increases in the future,” Abroms said.

This is the first time in three years that UNA has voted to raise its tuition.

Abroms later said that the university has allocated more money to scholarships in the last few years and that over 70% of their students will not have to pay the full cost of tuition.

In a news release, university officials said that the tuition increase “will help offset inequities in state support and enhance academic programming.”