UNA Students Blame Voter Fraud On Botched Registrations

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You’ll often hear that every vote counts in an election, but some University of North Alabama students found out the hard way, that’s not always the case.

Several students got turned away from the polls, and students blame voter fraud.

As a new college student on the UNA campus, Trey Edwards moved his registration from his home city, to Florence, in the attempt to making voting easy and convenient, on one of the biggest elections of his lifetime.

According to Edwards, during a voter registration drive on campus, a woman signed him up, along with hundreds of students.

Edwards walked out of Towers Hall months ago, thinking he was registered to vote.  However, when he walked into the polling place on Election Day, he got turned away.

“He said we have no solution.  It’s past the deadline, we can`t fix it,” said Edwards.

Edwards reported the incident to the Lauderdale County Registrar’s Office, but the student says just a few missed votes, makes a big difference.

“It can change the outcome of an election and there`s nothing we can do about it.  You can punish the people afterwards, but the damage is already done,” said Edwards.

In order to vote, Edwards had to drive to Madison. But Edwards says there are about 30 other student’s in the same situation and many have no place to cast a ballot, because they had never registered before.

Edwards is also frustrated because he worked on several campaigns in Lauderdale County, but because of the botched registration, will not be able to vote for the candidates he feels most passionately about.

The Lauderdale County Registrar’s Office gave Edwards and the other students contact information for the Alabama Secretary of State to file a formal complaint.

According to Edwards, the Secretary of State’s office is familiar with the woman, he plans to file against.