UNA nursing students receive COVID-19 vaccine at Helen Keller Hospital


SHEFFILED, Ala. — Dozens of UNA students from the Anderson College of Nursing and Health Professions received the Moderna COVID-19 vaccine Thursday afternoon at Helen Keller Hospital.

The university said the effort was driven by the desire to ensure frontline workers, including nursing students who provide bedside care, are protected against the virus.

Many UNA nursing students visit Helen Keller Hospital regularly as part of their education and being vaccinated will add an extra level of protection.

“It’s amazing that Helen Keller is offering this to us and Huntsville Hospital,” Senior David Cunningham said. “As a nursing student going into the semester, we didn’t know, we know the virus is there but we didn’t know how well protected we were going to be, so the fact that we’re able to come and get this is just an amazing opportunity.”

The university said the students will receive their second doses in four weeks during their rotations in the hospital.

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