FLORENCE, Ala. (WHNT) – The University of North Alabama (UNA) has banned the controversial app TikTok following Governor Kay Ivey’s decision to remove the app from state devices and networks.

Alabama is one of almost 30 states to ban TikTok from state devices and networks. Governor Ivey made the announcement in December 2022.

Since then, the prohibition has impacted both Auburn University and UNA.

UNA Director of Communications and Marketing Michelle Eubanks told News 19 that they would be complying with the order.

“The University of North Alabama is in full compliance with governor Ivey’s ban on TikTok on state-run devices and networks,” Eubanks said.

Bethany Cantrell, a student at UNA, told News 19 that she doesn’t believe the ban will impact many students.

“It won’t really affect people much,” Cantrell said, “But it would help people focus on their studies more. Like, if they go to the library and they use the computers, it would be less of a distraction.”

Anna Armstrong, another UNA student, said that they believe students will still use the app on their own networks and devices.

“I feel like students are still going to access it, regardless of whether they use the wifi or not,” Armstrong said.”