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MUSCLE SHOALS, Ala. —  Doors remain locked on Monday at the post office on Avalaon Avenue after officials reported health and safety concerns on August 8.

WHNT’s Carter Watkins reports August 13 from Muscle Shoals why a letter with “Closed Temporarily” in bold text still hangs.

Watkins says officials will not elaborate on what exactly the ‘unsafe’ conditions are but will work to resolve the issues. WHNT last heard from the U.S. Postal Service on Thursday, August 9.

The office is owned by a separate entity so any and all repairs will be the owner’s responsibility, according to city leaders. The Service tells the city they expect the issues fixed by the fall.

A cash-only alternative solution sits beside the facility – a postal van. The mobile vehicle’s hours differ from the actual office by remaining open for an extra hour.