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MUSCLE SHOALS, Ala. (WHNT) –  The DreamVision Company released plans for a multi-billion dollar theme park in the Shoals on February 11. Since then, nothing else has been said.

Executives announced more details were to follow, such as when and where that park would be. Two months later, silence. That’s according to city leaders in the Shoals.

“I’ve had no contact with them,” said Sheffield Mayor Ian Sanford. “Whether they’re working behind the scenes or not, I have no way of knowing.”

He’s not the only one. We checked with Tuscumbia and Florence city leaders, who also said no one has contacted them since.

“It either will or it won’t and life goes on and we’re preparing hopefully either way,” said Mayor Sanford. “I don’t see why they would go through all the motions without some merit behind it all.”

When the company made the announcement, CEO of Provident Global Capital, LLC. Bryan Robinson said they have secured the $3.5 billion they plan to use to construct the destination. Executives said they would announce investors and a location soon after. But now, the company took the ‘Soundscape’ video off of the website and the last press release was the February 11 announcement.

As for the rumored land for this theme park, the TVA reservation property has yet to go to auction.

“We’re still moving along with TVA like we’re going to have some of that property annexed into the city of Sheffield, and some annexed into Muscle Shoals, until we hear differently.”

We did make an effort to reach out to the investing company, Provident Global Capital, to see where the project stands, but no one returned our calls.

We also reached out to our sister station in Dallas, where DreamVision announced a similar investment back in February. They confirm the company has yet to break ground on that themepark there as well.