Two arrested; 92 meth labs found on Franklin County property


Donald Wayne Clark Jr. (Left); Billy Ray Clark (Right)

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FRANKLIN COUNTY, Ala. (WHNT) – What may look like just a grown-up lot on Highway 43 North near the Colbert County line, one of the largest meth lab operations in Franklin County history was found.

Sheriff Shannon Oliver says two cousins were using the one-pot method to cook meth.

Oliver said during a six-hour clean-up process, investigators uncovered 92 labs on the property.

It’s an alarming number for even Oliver.

“It’s pretty self-explanatory,” explained Oliver. “When you mix this kind of stuff up and what it does to your body and what it could do, it’s very dangerous. If the least little thing was wrong, it could be a huge problem.”

Oliver said his department received complaints of unusual behavior going on at the residence.

When he sent deputies to check, they saw a meth lab lying out in the open next to a shed.

Donald Wayne Clark Jr. has been charged with 92-counts of manufacturing of a controlled substance.

His cousin, 35-year-old Billy Ray Clark is charged with 20-counts of manufacturing of a controlled substance.

Oliver says it appears they had been cooking the meth for an extended amount of time.

“We would like to think we are making a dent in it but it is hard to tell. There is so much that we may not know about. But the only thing we can do is just keep working at it because this drug is destroying people’s lives,” stated Oliver.

But with the help from citizen’s and their tips, Oliver says they can continue to fight the meth war.

Donald Clark has been released from the Franklin County Jail on bail totaling $25,000.

Billy Clark remains at the jail on a bail of $12,000.

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