TUSCUMBIA, Ala. (WHNT) — Tuscumbia, prepare to be entertained!

The Tuscumbia City Council unanimously passed an ordinance to create an entertainment district in Downtown Tuscumbia on Main Street.

Under the new ordinance, people will be allowed to host large-scale events during specified dates and times. Those events will also include things like loud music and alcohol.

Tuscumbia Mayor William Foster told News 19 that this is part of the city’s effort to bring more public events to their city.

“It’s going to bring more people downtown,” Foster said. “It’s going to benefit our retail, all downtown retail.”

Foster also said that some residents were concerned about how the entertainment district would be used. However, he said the district will be heavily regulated with clear boundaries and an active police presence.

“We’ve got our perimeters and everything in a resolution coming, hopefully in the next couple of weeks,” Foster said. “It’s going to give us our days, times, and the actual map to give to the ABC board.”

Foster said that once that resolution has been created, it will be brought up at the next city council meeting to be voted on.