Tuscumbia projects bring dangers to work crews

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TUSCUMBIA, Ala. – Work has started on a project which will see miles of roadway repaved in the city of Tuscumbia. But, the improvements don’t come without danger to crews.

It’s hot – dirty work. Road crews in Tuscumbia start before the sun comes up, and try to finish before the blistering afternoon heat. Two major repaving projects are underway in the city.

“It’s going to take a little bit of time; it’s not an overnight process,” explained Lt. Mike Smallwood with the Tuscumbia Police Department.

U.S. Highway 72 West and several city streets are getting fresh asphalt. Miles of orange cones and warning signs line the zones. Wherever a crew is working, law enforcement is there to warn drivers.

“They might have to change and do something different right in the middle of it. So, we are there to caution people to have them be careful,” Smallwood said.

Tuscumbia police say speeding drivers are a major concern. The construction locations have several people on foot working around traffic. They want to remind drivers; you will get a ticket if caught driving too fast. Another big danger to the crews face in construction zones are distracted drivers.

“Be aware and slow down, watch what you are doing, so that no one gets hurt and we can allow the construction to move forward and they will be done,” Lt. Smallwood stated.

Police say the key to everyone going home safely at the end of day is going to be patience.

More than seven miles of repaving is planned for this summer on Tuscumbia city streets. It’s being funded by a matching grant through the Shoals Metropolitan Planning Organization.

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