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TUSCUMBIA, Ala. (WHNT) — Police say an inmate who escaped from the Tuscumbia Jail on Monday afternoon has been caught.

According to Tuscumbia Police, Sammy Bates Jr., 18, of Tuscumbia, left the jail around 4:40 p.m. on Monday, July 11. Officials say was in jail for a third-degree misdemeanor trespassing charge.

Police say Bates was making a phone call in the booking area when he escaped. Authorities say the phone call was made to a family member with Bates requesting the $500 cash bond needed for him to be released or giving a bond company $85 to bond him until his court date.

When the family member asked to speak to the corrections officer next to him, Bates pushed past the officer and made it outside, according to Tuscumbia Police.

Bates was taken in without incident by Tuscumbia Special Operations Group, as well as criminal investigators and on-duty patrol units.

Tuscumbia Police say Bates will now face a second-degree escape charge.

“Recent efforts to further secure the jail area have not been completed as the necessary parts to make the physical structural improvement are backordered,” Chief Tony Logan stated. “We will be moving forward as swiftly as possible to make these improvements.”

“A thorough investigation into the circumstances how he escaped will conducted by investigators with the Tuscumbia Police Department,” Logan concluded.