Tuscumbia police search for attempted murder suspect

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Story update: Tuscumbia Police say Burress turned himself in Thursday morning.

TUSCUMBIA, Ala. – A man hunt is underway in northwest Alabama. Tuscumbia police are looking for the man they have identified as opening fire at a busy convenience store over the weekend.

Tuscumbia police say the shooting Saturday night was likely the result of a road rage incident moments earlier.

Just after 10:30 pm two drivers stopped on W.F. Gardner Drive because the lead driver thought the car behind him was following to close.

Investigators said the ensuing confrontation ended and the men went on their way.

William Craig Burress (Tuscumbia Police)

Moments later, police said the lead car pulled up behind the other driver at a convenience store and started shooting.

“At least 10 rounds had been exchanged there at the scene, and so we had two vehicles that were struck and a propane tank which fortunately did not explode,” stated Tuscumbia Police Chief Tony Logan.

Investigators said the shooting happened in a parking lot along U.S. 72.

According to Tuscumbia police, 34-year-old William Craig Burress is their main suspect. Authorities say after he started shooting – the targeted victim returned fire.

“One of the victims/witnesses whose vehicle was shot into was just innocently walking out of the store and got caught in the middle of this,” Logan said. “So it was a very dangerous situation.”

Police said the victim was able to identify Burress as the shooter only because he was familiar with the Tuscumbia man.

If you know of William Burress’ whereabouts call your local law enforcement agency or the Shoals Area Crime Stoppers at (256)386-8685.

Burress should be considered armed and dangerous.