Tuscumbia Police Dedicated To Cold Case On Year Anniversary

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TUSCUMBIA, Ala. (WHNT) – On the evening of August 28th, 2012, Tuscumbia Police was on the scene of a deadly home invasion.

Elbert Davis was beaten and killed in his basement on High Street.

With little evidence, and no witnesses, Tuscumbia Police Chief Tony Logan says, he knew this investigation would be difficult.

However Chief Logan wants the victim’s family and the community, this case is still a top priority in his department.

According to Locan, the past year has been filled with frustrations, for a police department so committed to closing this case.

“We`re closer,” assured Logan.  “We`ve eliminated a lot of potential suspects through this case, but there`s still that one piece of information, that one person out there who can give us what we need to get this case solved to bring closure to the Davis family.”

Getting that closure has become an effort that extends across the entire Shoals, and throughout northern Alabama, with more than 27 investigators assigned to finding out who killed Davis.

“He was an example to all of us as a way to live your life and when you lose somebody like that, it`s a tremendous loss to the family, but this entire community lost a good man,” said Logan about the victim.  “The community as well as the family deserves to know answers.”

Even though a year has passed since Davis’ brutal beating, Logan says his department is still getting new tips.  Just last week, Logan says, a tip pointed investigators onto a new trail.

“I look forward to the day to pick up the phone and say we`ve got them, and that`s what our driving force behind this case is,” said Logan.

For Chief Logan, this case has become a personal mission.  No matter if it takes another 365 days, or those days ten fold, Logan says his department won`t rest until the person or people responsible are brought to justice.

You can leave an anonymous tip anytime on the Shoals Area Crime Stoppers tipline.

That number is 256-386-8685.

Those tips are sent to the department daily and investigators follow up right away, anytime there is new information in this case.

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