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TUSCUMBIA, Ala. — In May 2017, WHNT News 19 met the Standridge family after they released a viral video announcing the coming of their 6th  baby. Parents Matt and Kimberly posted it in response to the negativity they’d received about their growing family and to, of course, just have some fun.

It taught us all a lesson in blocking out the negativity and embracing the love.

Well, they recently released another video to announce that their family is growing again!

They’re expecting their 7th baby, and WHNT News 19’s Christine Mitchell visited them again to check in.

The Standridges have a big family. It’s something everyone sees but not everyone understands. “It’s become one of our favorite past times, the interesting questions we get asked,” said Matt.

They announced baby number 7 to the kids by playing them the new song.

The Standridges gave us permission to share some exciting news.  They recently found out that baby number 7… (insert drumroll) Is going to be a BOY!