TUSCUMBIA, Ala. (WHNT) — The Willie Green Recreation Center has been a part of the Tuscumbia community for over 40 years, however, a possible change in the facilities management has some residents concerned.

The city is considering changes that would allow the Tuscumbia City Schools Board of Education to manage the Willie Green recreation center.

Some residents like David Banksden strongly oppose the possible change, as he believes the board could limit access to the building that the community currently has.

“When you change management, you have an overall change and you put restrictions on a community that did not have those restrictions in the first place it puts a damper on their lives it changes their lives considerably,” Banksden told News 19.

Banksden said if the school board comes in to manage the facility, this could jeopardize the community’s ability to host events at the building.

“We have the ability, the freedom to come to Willie Green to use it and have those events, so it takes away from that,” Banksden said.

However, Tuscumbia City Councilwoman Geraldine Thompkins, who presides over the district where the center is located, says the normal operations would be unchanged.

“Willie Green has been told that your activities will not be touched,” Thompkins said.

According to Thompkins, if the school board were to manage the center, she says educators could offer more for the city’s children. She says the move could save the city funding that could be invested in other areas.

‘We’re going to save money. It could present learning experiences, other activities, a whole lot more things than what the city could offer,” Thompkins said.

At a Tuscumbia City Council meeting on June 5, residents will have the chance to speak with the mayor and council members about their concerns with those potential changes.