TUSCUMBIA, Ala. – A brush fire in Tuscumbia is still burning after more than two months.

One nearby resident, Jason Lindsey, told News 19 that the smoke from the fire has had a significant impact on their community. Now, he’s worried about the long-term effects that the smoke could have on his family.

“I know one family has left their home and gone to stay with other families because the smoke’s so bad,” Lindsey said. “With the health issues in their home, they had to leave.”

Lindsey also said he was especially worried about kids in the area.

“Kids are getting on the bus every morning in this smoke and it’s not healthy for those kids,” Lindsey said.

Lindsey told News 19 that he and other residents have reached out to officials, but haven’t been very successful. He said none of the residents know when the fire will eventually fizzle out.y

“You’re talking about breathing in smoke for three, four, five, who knows how many more months?” Lindsey said.