Traffic Woes Could Soon End in St. Florian

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ST. FLORIAN, Ala. (WHNT) – After years of traffic congestion the town of St. Florian is one step closer to solving its traffic problems.

Joint approval has been given by the Lauderdale County Commission and town council to move ahead with plans for a traffic light at Church Road and county road 47.

“For us, I mean this is a Christmas present man. This is a life saver.”

Beaming with joy, St. Florian Mayor Don Strait could not be happier a red light will soon be built on the corner of Church Road and county road 47.

Strait said for years the town has asked for the red light to help control traffic both coming off Church Road and turning on to it.

Police Chief Ralph Richey said it can become a free-for-all during heavy travel times.

“It’s definitely got to help,” stated Richey. “If we’re letting 7 or 8 cars at a time to go through with a traffic light, at least you know you’re in there and you’re not going to have to go through our parking lot to try and beat the car in front of you, or turn in front of them and try to beat them as their coming.”

The red light project is being funded the Shoals Metropolitan Planning Organization and the Lauderdale County Commission.

Mayor Strait said it took the relentless work of several people to see the project finally happen.

“I want to thank everybody that has been involved and I hope this is something that will make a change to help the traffic flow in St. Florian and we’ll have more people coming through here,” stated Mayor Strait.

Some much needed relief for town officials and the 12,000 people that travel through the intersection on a daily basis.

The red light project in St. Florian is in the preliminary engineering stage and once complete, plans will be presented to the Alabama DOT for approval.

Only after approval by the state can construction begin, and a timeline has not been set.

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