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LAUDERDALE COUNTY, Ala. – Branding in any industry will get your product noticed. The Florence-Lauderdale Tourism Bureau has launched a new website to capture the spirit of the Shoals, and it’s an effort to be more inclusive.

Rob Carnegie, Florence-Lauderdale Tourism

Let’s be honest, when researching a destination for an upcoming trip the majority of us get online. That is exactly what tourism leaders in Lauderdale County are banking on.

“We’re excited about the new look. Excited about the fact this is about the destination as a whole so people can just really discover everything that is here,” explained Rob Carnegie, CEO of Florence-Lauderdale Tourism.

But they are shaking it up a bit; their brand is changing.

“Visitors don’t see city lines and county lines,” stated Carnegie. “The importance of that is that broadens their experience and it extends their stay.”

Instead of solely focusing on Florence and Lauderdale County they crossed the Tennessee River. The Public Affairs Research Council of Alabama asked residents if tourism on both sides should start collaborating, more than 80 percent said “Yes”.

“This is an effort to do that, and to be able to sort of have one single message for our area,” said Carnegie. “We’re constantly just trying to elevate that so that visitors see that this is the Shoals.”

More things to do and longer visits can benefit everyone. What will come out of this new launch will be realized over the next several months. But, it is a first step.

Florence-Lauderdale Tourism is in their second year of a digital campaign which target advertises areas outside of Alabama to visit the Shoals. Follow this link for a look at the newly launched visitor’s website.