The Remote Shoals program continues to grow and diversify area workforce

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FLORENCE, Ala. — A push to attract more employees to the Shoals is working.

The Remote Shoals program launched in June with a goal of getting people who work in tech fields to relocate to either Colbert or Lauderdale counties. Creators want to diversify the workforce in those communities. Those candidates can make up to $10,000 but are expected to live in the Shoals for at least a year. The program is a collaborative effort between the Shoals Chamber of Commerce and the Economic Development Authority. Four individuals have already moved to the area and they are expecting six more.

“It just has grown and we have applicants from Washington and California and up north—New York, New Jersey, Wyoming, all these different areas that have just put in applications because they’re interested in coming to our area,” said SEDA Marketing Coordinator Mackenzie Cottles.

SEDA Vice President Adam Himber said once the other six candidates relocate to the Shoals, the Chamber and Economic Development Authority are planning to host a welcoming event.

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