The City of Florence begins the second phase of its streetscape project

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FLORENCE, Ala. — If you drove down Tennessee Street Tuesday or Wednesday, chances are you noticed the roadwork being done at the Poplar Street intersection. One lane of traffic is blocked and the pavement is a little bumpy. It’s all part of the City of Florence streetscape project.

This is the second phase of the project. The first phase included renovations along Court Street in downtown.

“Streetscape started several years ago on Court Street and so we’ve completed all of Court Street,” said Florence Mayor Steve Holt.

Five years ago, streetscaping began on one part of Tennessee Street with two blocks left untouched due to a lack of funds.

“But now we have the resources to finish those two blocks of Tennessee Street which will go down where Dr. Hicks comes into Florence Boulevard,” said the mayor.

Like Court Street, the changes to Tennessee Street include road paving, improved sidewalks, and more lamp posts.

Mayor Holt credits the streetscape project for attracting new business to downtown Florence. “A lot of infilling of the buildings on Court Street, and now we’re seeing there’s infilling of businesses on Tennessee Street plus a master plan development for the two acres there on Tennessee Street that would be a multipurpose development.”

Phase two of the project also includes portions of Cherry Street near Taco Mama and Singin’ River Brewing. City leaders say it’s all for the purpose of keeping downtown Florence vibrant.

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