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ROGERSVILLE, Ala. — The “Better Cell Service for Rogersville” Facebook group has 923 members as of Thursday. That’s nearly 400 more since News 19’s last report in January.

The increase in citizens voicing their frustrations for better cell and internet service caught the attention of Landon Saunders; he’s the president and owner of Lawrenceburg-based internet service provider Cloud 9 Wireless.

“We’ve been in Rogersville going on about a year and a half,” Saunders said. “I’m privately funded so we’re growing very slowly, but we’re starting to pick up a lot of momentum in Rogersville-Lauderdale County area.”

Saunders said he’s seen an increase in the number of subscribers in the past few months, with exponential growth since the creation of the Facebook group.

“Ever since we’ve become a part of that Facebook group we’ve really just been exploding with customer requests for internet,” Saunders said. “With that we’ve just been taking the customers’ addresses and plotting them on a map to see where we need to build to and those kinds of areas that are really struggling with internet.”

For Cloud 9 to build a tower, it needs to be in an area with 25 to 30 customers needing internet service.

“It started off seeming like that was a challenge but here lately we’ve been plotting out all these peoples’ addresses and we’ve really been finding some new key areas where we can put some new towers to get some people high speed internet.”

Being a smaller, locally-based company, Saunders said Cloud 9 can better target smaller communities in rural areas.

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