Students surprise Jason Simpson with “Bears for Brody”

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RUSSELLVILLE, Ala. – WHNT News 19 Chief Meteorologist Jason Simpson speaks to a lot of groups about weather. Sometimes that includes reading to school kids and talking to them about the weather. But when he visited some kindergarten students in Russellville, they had a surprise for him that really caught him off guard. Monica Moon is the assistant principal at West Elementary School. She told us the kids had been working on a service project since last August. “It’s all about random acts of kindness, giving back to our community,” Moon said. The students had been collecting stuffed animals to present to Jason when he came to talk to them about the weather. “We are donating them in honor of Jason’s son Brody,” Moon told us. “We’re doing Bears for Brody.” When Jason saw the kids walking into the auditorium carrying the stuffed animals, you could tell they had touched his heart.  The kids donated them to bring a smile to the face of other children and to say thank you to Jason for all he does for the community. Choking back tears, Jason said, “I never expected to have anything quite like that. It’s hard to put into words to see all these kids loving other kids. It’s just amazing.” That simple gesture made the world a little brighter. Jason told the kids, “This is awesome. You don’t know how many kids who are sick in the hospital that you have made their day so thank you for your generosity. You’re awesome.” Monica Moon said it was a way to thank Jason for coming every year to talk to students but to also let him know they are thinking about Jason and his family. “We know that his hope and faith is encouraging to us and we want to be encouraging to him and his family also,” Moon added. We know a lot of you have followed Brody’s journey from the beginning. Sunday night at 10 on “The Story”, Jerry Hayes sits down with Jason for an update on Brody and what’s down the road. Join us February 10 at 10 for “The Story with Jerry Hayes.”

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