State Extension Office launches website for drought assistance

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COLBERT COUNTY, Ala. – Portions of north Alabama are seeing extreme drought conditions. The Alabama Extension Office has launched a website to offer drought survival tips for not only farmers and producers, but residents as well.

Harvesters have been working around the clock. Farmers are trying to save the crops which have already matured.

“I was raised in a farming family and we were taught at an early age to pray for rain,” said Extension Coordinator Danny McWilliams in Colbert County.

But any forecasted rain may be too little too late for crops like soybeans. Normally lush, green fields are dried up and brown.

McWilliams says livestock producers are also feeling the heat.

“We’re having to feed hay early, and that is the part that worries me. Usually, we are having to stockpile our pastures this time of year to get a head start on the winter, and we are not going to have that.”

The Alabama Extension Office has launched “Alabama Drought”. A website dedicated to helpful tips related to our current conditions. There’s even a tool in which farmers can pinpoint where their farm is and submit a report about the weather conditions they have recorded.

“That is very important,” stated McWilliams. “Because it helps to provide much more accurate information for the U.S. Drought Monitor that we use every day with a drought.”

One-hundred percent of Alabama is categorized as abnormally dry in the latest monitor report. Prayers are going up for it not to be another 2007 or 2016 type drought.

To reach the Alabama Drought website, follow this link.