St. Florian residents fear Shoal Creek contaminated with sewage, still awaiting test results from ADEM


ST. FLORIAN, Ala. — Residents in St. Florian still have concerns about the water quality in Shoal Creek, now one week since the Alabama Department of Environmental Management began an investigation.

Residents believe Shoal Creek in the Bailey Springs area of St. Florian is contaminated by sewage runoff from the nearby Woodland Hills Mobile Home Park.

News 19 reached out to ADEM and the department confirmed that it conducted multiple inspections of the mobile home park and nearby streams.

The department said in part, “ADEM inspectors collected samples and observed impacted streams, which flow into Shoals Creek, and determined that malfunctioning lift stations that serve the trailer park are responsible for the discharge.”

ADEM confirmed that the discharge issue has been resolved, however, residents are still waiting for the test results to come back to learn if the water is safe.

“My concern is for the safety of the people out here,” St. Florian Mayor Matthew Connolly said. “Until we find out what that is, assuming that it is a sewage issue, our big concern is the health of the people that are on this water because this water has a lot of recreation on it over the weekends and if you have it contaminated with E. coli or hepatitis or whatever it may be, that becomes a safety concern for everybody that’s on this water.”

ADEM has neither confirmed nor denied that Shoal Creek is indeed contaminated with sewage but said, “Whenever there is a sewage spill or discharge of this nature, ADEM recommends the public avoid the area and abstain from recreational activities.”

ADEM added it will continue to monitor the situation until the problem is resolved.

News 19 has reached out for an update on the test samples and are awaiting a response.

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