St. Florian leaders hope for the day they have a red light installed

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ST. FLORIAN, Ala. (WHNT) – Town leaders are growing increasingly frustrated with how long it’s taking to get a traffic light put up.

During his four years as mayor of St. Florian, Don Strait has pushed to have a red light installed at the intersection of Church Road and County Road 43.

“It’s been something that has been on my agenda every day that I come to work,” Strait said. “Every time I meet somebody outside, it’s on their agenda too I think because they remind me it’s not up yet.”

Strait said between 13 and 16,000 motorists travel through the intersection on a daily basis.

Mayor Strait knows how nerve-racking this intersection is. He watches it every day from his office window in town hall. That’s why he has been pushing every day to get this project completed.

Two years after being approved, the only sign of progress is conduit being installed underground.

Twice the low bidder refused to sign the contract.

ALDOT has stepped in and said they would install the traffic signals. But now they are waiting on signal poles to be constructed.

“I don’t even want to ask them for a time element because I’ve heard so many time elements I wouldn’t believe them anyway,” said Strait. “So, I just watch for them every day to come out here and start to working on it and putting it up.”

ALDOT says they hope to have the installation complete by the end of the year. The traffic signal project is being paid for through funds provided by the Shoals Metropolitan Planning Organization.

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