FLORENCE, Ala. (WHNT) — Authorities responded to several fake threats across North Alabama on Tuesday, which forced multiple schools to lock down.

One of the schools impacted was Wilson Jr. High School in Florence. Sergeant Shane Keeton, who serves as School Resource Officer Supervisor for the Lauderdale County Sheriff’s Office, was the SRO at the school when the call came in.

According to a post on social media from the Lauderdale County Sherriff’s Office, it took Sergeant Keeton 20 seconds to respond to the threat once he was alerted. It took three minutes for backup officers to arrive. Over 50 officers responded to the call.

Keeton told News 19 that the reports may have been fake, but every officer took it very seriously.

“You hear the word ‘hoax.’ It was real to us until it ended,” Keeton said. “It was real to us until this whole school was searched”

Keeton also said that the experience will make officers much more prepared in the future.

“I’ll bring that all back to them. They can take stuff from it, good ideas and bad ideas, whatever they want to do, and I’m going to apply it to each school,” Keeton said.