Some roads in Leighton still experiencing flooding


LEIGHTON, Ala. — Colbert County EMA Director Michael David Smith told WHNT News 19 that at least two roads in Leighton are still experiencing flooding due to recent heavy rainfall.

Crockett Lane was affected but the water there has since receded. Barricades are still up at Gnat Pond Road and at the intersection of 6th Street and Fennel Road, where the flooding is significant.

Smith said, however, it’s not negatively impacting travel for Leighton residents.

“The county school systems have made arrangements to reroute the bus around all that,” said Smith. “I know they’ll be happy when that’s clear but for now everything seems to be running smooth.”

Smith said because the rain was spread out over time, the flooding wasn’t as severe as it was in 2019. It’s still important to remember—never drive around barricades or through floodwaters.

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