Some Florence Utilities customers receive late notices after paying bill, mayor says disregard


FLORENCE, Ala. — For Florence Utilities customers who think their payment information has been stolen or erased after a cyberattack, Mayor Steve Holt said it’s a simple misunderstanding due to a change in how recent payments were processed.

After that cyberattack, Mayor Holt said some customers complained about receiving late notices even after their bills were paid.

He said this is due to Utilities employees processing cash and written check payments by hand—one by one.

“It slowed it down,” the mayor said.  “If you got a late notice and you’ve already paid, just disregard it because we’re not going to pursue those late notices.”

For those worried about what was stolen during the cyberattack, Mayor Holt wants to ensure customers that their information is safe.

“We’re not aware of what information was taken other than some insurance files on the city, not personal or employee insurance files,” the mayor said. “That’s the only thing we truly determined that may have been compromised.”

Monday morning, the mayor said all accounts that received those automatic late notices were corrected.

The mayor wants customers to know that the Florence Utilities lobby is still closed and that payments can be made in the drive-thru, by phone, or appointment.

Charges on late notices will resume in July.

Customers can call Florence Utilities at (256) 760-6512 if they have any questions.

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