Small businesses in the Shoals adjust operations due to COVID-19 concerns


THE SHOALS, Ala. — As COVID-19 continues to spread, many small businesses are having to adjust how they operate or close altogether.

Athletic facilities like No Doubt Fitness in Muscle Shoals are now teaching online classes for clients stuck at home during this time of social distancing. “Alright, we are going live for our second class of the day; this is ab attack,” said No Doubt Fitness Owner Frankie Guerra in a Facebook Live video Monday morning.

Guerra understands that you don’t have to train in-person to have an impact. No Doubt is also offering training via FaceTime and Zoom video conferencing. “With those platforms, we’re able to still create a level of accountability and that’s the biggest thing people need,” he said. “They want the guidance; they want to feel like they’re not on the journey alone so that’s why we want to correlate to this online training.”

Guerra said No Doubt Fitness wants to create settings in which people can create any workout in their own homes using household items or even family members and pets.

The live video Guerra and his staff did Monday morning was through the Facebook group, “I am Doubtless.” He’s offering people the chance to schedule one-on-one streamed training sessions or they can participate in the live group videos. As clients give feedback, the staff at No Doubt will be able to create more scheduled classes based on time and need.

No Doubt Fitness trainers prepare for an ab attack class streamed live on Facebook.

There’s also a No Doubt Fitness app that can be paired with a wrist heart rate monitor via Bluetooth that trainers will use to track client progress remotely. For more information on No Doubt Fitness, click here.

Restaurants have taken a hit as well, with Governor Kay Ivey’s mandate that dining in is prohibited.

Cheesy Bob Owner Bobby Lindholm understands that business owners need to be respectful of the situation and recognize that allowing business to continue as usual could spread the virus—so, has an alternative. “We’re trying to do our part here by focusing on our walk-up window, focusing on carry-out and to-go and everything like that through our phone systems or website.”

The walk-up window at Cheesy Bob allows customers to pick up their food without having to enter the restaurant.

Lindholm also owns the downtown Florence Escape Room which he decided to close indefinitely. “I feel like it’s better to shut down right now for the safety of all of our small businesses and people that maybe could potentially be affected so hopefully we’ll be able to reopen after all of this but right now, yep, a lot of staff has been let go and we’re just kind of weathering the storm.’

Lindholm says by closing certain establishments, businesses can avoid being part of the problem and help be a part of the solution.

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