FLORENCE, Ala. (WHNT) – Members of the Singing River Trail Group came to Florence Wednesday to talk about expanding to the area and hear from Shoals residents.

The Singing River Trail is a project to create an outdoor trail over 200 miles long that stretches from The Shoals to the Jackson County city of Bridgeport. Dr. John Kvach, Executive Director of the Singing River Trail, told News 19 that he wants to help bring something new and exciting for Shoals residents and tourists.

“Think of this as low-hanging fruit that brings tourism, outdoors, [and] hospitality together,” Kvach said. “If we’re looking to attract new people to North Alabama, we’ve got to get them here.”

He added he hopes they’ll be able to convince the community that this project will be well worth it as they move forward and identify places to continue expanding the trail.

The meeting was open to the public to give residents an opportunity to hear more about the project, as well as provide feedback. The meeting contained presentations and other informational activities to keep the public informed.

Kvach told News 19 that he hopes to have a similar meeting again soon.