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FLORENCE, Ala. — Saturday evening was a time of celebration as community members gathered in west Florence for a block party as the Jetsetters SpaLon opened its doors. While that’s worth congratulations in its own right, for owner Deidre Thomas, it was an unexpected life change that brought her story full circle.

“Many people know that I am a retired flight attendant and I retired due to COVID. I had to find a second career as I didn’t just want to retire and just not work,” Thomas said.

So, Thomas took an interest in the beauty industry and wanted to introduce Florence to services and techniques she had discovered from her travels, but it took some work to adjust.

“Get back in school, get the education, so I went and got licensed in natural hair and I loved it so much,” Thomas said.

Now, a year after her retirement, Thomas opened the SpaLon, combining the best of a spa day with a visit to the hair salon.

It’s a new business but Thomas is no stranger to the location. Her business is located in the same building that once housed the now-closed Mademoiselle Beauty Salon on West Mobile Street.

“I grew up getting my hair done here so if I can just bring that energy right back into this building and get the crowd and the community participating, that is the purpose of the block party just to say, ‘hey, we welcome you, we love you, and we’re here,’” Thomas said.

As business begins this week, Thomas said she can’t wait to wow, surprise, and delight her customers in a space that she hopes will build and strengthen the community for a new generation.

The SpaLon will begin scheduling appointments on Friday. To schedule yours, call (256) 980-9068 or click here.