FLORENCE, Ala. (WHNT) – Hundreds of high school students from across the Shoals attended an event to learn more about safe driving on Wednesday, September 28.

Students were able to get a closer look at how dangerous impaired and distracted driving can be through simulators, professional speakers, and by using goggles that simulate being drunk.

“It was weird,” said Emma McMahan, a student at Cherokee High School. “The line was in front of me without the goggles, but when I had them on it was like they were all the way over there. I couldn’t really balance or walk.”

The event was hosted by members of the Alabama Department of Transportation, State Farm, Drive Safe Alabama, the Alabama Sports Festival Foundation, the Alcohol Beverage Control Board, and Safe Kids Alabama.

The keynote speaker was Mike Lutzenkirchen, executive director of the Lutzie 43 foundation. Mike started his safe driving program after his own son Phillip, a former football player for Auburn University, was killed in a car accident in 2014.

Now, Mike told News 19 that he’s dedicated his life to making sure kids understand the importance of being safe behind the wheel.

“No matter if you say ‘roll tide’ or ‘war eagle,’ whether you’re white or black, you’re a 4.0 or a 2.0 student, boy or girl, if you make poor decisions behind the wheel there is no discrimination,” Lutzenkirchen said.