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FLORENCE, Ala. — Many nonprofit organizations are founded with a goal in mind to help people and make the world a better place, but sometimes, the work in managing an organization can be overwhelming.

In the Shoals, Bethany Green and Sarah Ann Evans have started the Shoals Nonprofit Center to offer nonprofit management assistance.

“Our primary focus is on the nonprofit professionals, so we want to make sure that they are equipped to do the work that they’re meant to do,” Green said. “What we’re trying to do is really support those individuals, mainly so that they can do the work and their organizations can be successful.”

Things were running smoothly for the two until the COVID-19 pandemic began, forcing them to find different ways to operate.

“We very quickly realized we needed to shift everything virtually, so we moved all of our workshops to Zoom,” Evans said. “We partnered with the Shoals Chamber of Commerce and United Way and we held round tables that were really kind of open forum discussions where we could talk about what was going on.”

Part of the discussions involved the United Way COVID-19 Relief Fund and how organizations could tap into to some of that funding.

Despite this year’s challenges, Green said being a resource that nonprofits could look to for support helped further their mission.

“It really, I think, was kind of a blessing in disguise,” Green said. She added that they were able to focus less on themselves and more on the organizations they were trying to help.

“As a new organization, we didn’t have really any expectations of what to do or what to be and I think that opened the door for us to really just tell our story and tell what we wanted to do,” Evans said.

Now that the Shoals Nonprofit Center has that exposure, Evans said she and Green can continue to build on that to help area nonprofits help others during these challenging times.

To learn more about the Shoals Nonprofit Center and the organizations it serves, click here.