Shoals musician Johnny Collier wants YOU to be in his new music video

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LAUDERDALE COUNTY, Ala. — Not even a global pandemic can stop the creativity of people in the Shoals.

For musicians like country music artist Johnny Collier, it’s only given him a reason to keep on playing. He released his new album “Love Me for Who I Am” in November and is in the process of creating a music video for the song of the same name.

Dallas Collier with her mother and grandmother with an example of the "I am" sign.
Johnny Collier's cousins, the Maxwells, are focused on success.

“We originally were going to have people come into the studio here and we were going to videotape them holding up a little sign saying basically, ‘I am,’ and then filling out the bottom of it like I did with mine with who you are—what is it that identifies you,” said Dallas Collier, Johnny’s wife and manager.

Because of social distancing, the Colliers are changing how the video will be shot. “We thought, well, hey, everybody can make a sign up and tape it with their phone or camera and send it to us,” said Johnny.

The Colliers took to social media and the videos came pouring in. There are videos of people from several areas describing themselves or using words of affirmation. Even Baby Miss Alabama got in on the fun.

Baby Miss Alabama 2019 with a sign that reads, "I am sassy."

Johnny said when it comes to creativity, you can’t silence the Shoals. “I don’t see any way to keep the music down here and it’s still coming,” he said.

If you’d like to submit a video for Johnny’s music video, you can send it in a message to his Facebook page or email his manager at Videos should be MP4 format. The last day to submit is Sunday, March 29.

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