Shoals law enforcement agencies monitoring for any violent demonstrations related to inauguration


THE SHOALS, Ala. — With protesters gathering at various state capitols ahead of President-elect Joe Biden’s inauguration, Shoals law enforcement officers are keeping in contact should anything happen there.

As of Tuesday, there have been no reports of planned demonstrations or threats of violence in the Shoals but law enforcement officers are keeping an attentive eye on things should anything change.

Tuscumbia Police Chief Tony Logan said multiple departments have kept in contact daily through group messaging to share and relay any information that could be of concern to the area.

Although there has been no indication that something will happen in Tuscumbia or Colbert County, Chief Logan said the department will remain vigilant to pursue any credible information.

In Lauderdale County, Sheriff Rick Singleton said that constant communication makes a world of difference in making sure the community is protected.

“I don’t think any of us have heard anything specific as far as any specific threats but we will be more attentive tomorrow; we will be keeping our ear to the ground and watching and listening to see what happens as things maybe develop,” Sheriff Singleton said. “If we get information, we make sure they’re aware of it and vice versa.”

The sheriff said it’s a benefit of being in an area with so many agencies.

“Communication is key,” Sheriff Singleton said. “Social media—that’s one of the good things about social media—it does give us an avenue of communicating back and forth quickly.”

Sheriff Singleton said if anyone in the community hears of any events where someone is inciting violence, they should immediately contact their local law enforcement.

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