Shoals doctor has medical license suspended; state board says he tested positive for Oxycodone, kept ‘home stock’ of Demerol


Front entrance to Dr. Barry Lumpkins’ office Tuesday Afternoon. (Photo: Al Whitaker, WHNT News 19)

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FLORENCE, Ala. - The Medical Licensure Commission of Alabama has suspended the medical license for Dr. Barry Neal Lumpkins of Florence after a complaint filed by the Alabama State Board of Medical Examiners. The suspension is indefinite.

Lumpkins was a family medicine doctor at Prime Care on Ana Drive in Florence.

Court documents show the board alleged a number of things about Lumpkins after its investigation:

  1. Lumpkins regularly prescribed controlled substances, Adderall and Norco, to his girlfriend/employee/patient since 2012. The evidence also showed he did the same for his close family members. Under subpoena, Lumpkins was only able to produce five out of nine charts for patients to whom he was actively prescribing controlled substances to in 2015.
  2. A 12-panel hair test on Lumpkins was positive for Oxycodone and Hydrocodone.
  3. A Demerol log was considered "irregular, incomplete and inconsistent." The log also showed a "home stock" in November of 2014 that Lumpkins reported he had used for a missionary trip. His passport, however, indicates he has not traveled out of country for eight years.
  4. A Urine drug screen on Lumpkins was consistent with the consumption of a large quantity of alcohol. Lumpkins underwent a complete evaluation that included testing, monitoring and examinations in February of 2016. The report from those tests concluded Lumpkins was unfit to practice medicine.

At the hearing, Lumpkins acknowledged each of the above statements, even saying the board's allegations were sufficient grounds for disciplinary sanctions against him.

The Medical Licensure Commission concluded that Lumpkins is unable to practice medicine with reasonable skill and therefore suspended the medical license for Lumpkins indefinitely.

The commission says it will reconsider the suspension when presented evidence of the following:

  1. Lumpkins has an advocacy contract with the Alabama Physician Health Program,
  2. Lumpkins successfully completes an in-patient treatment program at a facility recommended and approved by the Alabama Physician Health Program.

The Commission also says it may make other orders, including the revocation of Lumpkins' medical license, based on recommendations from the treatment program, the Alabama Physician Health Program or other evidence presented to them.

Patients who came by Lumpkins' office Tuesday afternoon were surprised to learn the office is closed.

"I liked him, he was a good guy,” says longtime patient Tim Franks. He added, “He seemed, like I say, he was, you know, he could talk to people. He dealt with his patients well, had a good bedside manner, I guess you'd say."

Another patient told us she used him because it was convenient and no appointment was necessary.

Efforts to reach Dr. Lumpkins Tuesday afternoon for comment were unsuccessful.

You can read the full complaint documents here.

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