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COLBERT COUNTY, Ala. (WHNT) — Music is just a natural part of the Shoals community, but Saturday, it meant a little more for local bands who hosted a fundraiser for a well-known musician who fell on hard times.

From strumming his guitar to singing his passion, music comes easy to T.J. Beasley and “The Twisted Country Band” – and they are no strangers to using their sound for a good cause. What hasn’t come easy for Beasley is his battle with health complications and infections caused by diabetes.

“I’ve played a lot of benefits over the years,” Beasley said. “Probably I’d say over a thousand benefits. Never thought I’d need one.”

“He was a truck driver until this all happened,” said Jessica, Beasley’s wife. “He was the provider, and then he went from being the provider to just not being able to do anything.”

Diabetes claimed part of Beasley’s leg, meaning no more income and no more place to live. That’s what Beasley’s bandmate Jeff Sanford wants to change with benefit concerts and auctions.

“It’s an honor to have him with us, and you know, just do something like this for him, it’s just a privilege,” Sanford told News 19.

Friends of the band got around a half-dozen local businesses to pitch in, including the Alabama Music Hall of Fame. Because to them, Beasley is Alabama country music.

“T.J. is like a brother to me,” said Steve Arnold, a member of the Bama Boys. “All the band members are brothers. When one’s down, we pull them up. Whenever they need help like this, we get help for them.”

Beasley said he is getting a prosthetic foot in three weeks and that will cost $10,000.

“We’ve got a lot of good people surrounding us,” Jessica Beasley said. “We appreciate every one of them. We really do. It’s just been really hard.”

Thankfully, they have a band of brothers playing for him — and he’s still playing with them.

“These guys told me no matter what, if they had to pick me up and put me on the stage, I’d play again,” Beasley concluded. “And that has happened.”

Despite multiple events for Beasley and his wife, his band tells News 19 they’re still well short of their financial goal. If you’d like to donate to the cause, visit the Twisted County Band’s Facebook page or click here.