Shoals Christian student-athlete continues to recover after collapsing during workout

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FLORENCE, Ala. – A Shoals Christian student-athlete is in the hospital after collapsing this morning during workouts.

According to officials, Kenan Jones was running sprints when he collapsed.

Coaches quickly began CPR on the student and continued until paramedics arrived.

According to an update from a family, after a rough Thursday night and early Friday morning (June 6-7), the family was saddened that Kenan was still having extreme memory loss, anxiety, confusion, bouts with anger and aggression, deficits in range of motion, and trouble walking.

“But after about 9:00 a.m.,” wrote Jones, “God made a move! All of a sudden, he became more attentive, cooperative, and independent. He dressed and fed himself, and was even walking a little better.”

But one of the best gifts he gave them Friday, wrote Jones, was his smile.

“I’m starting to see remnants of our boy again,” wrote Mrs. Jones. “We still have a long way to go, but we’ve come a long way since Tuesday. Kenan has forgotten a lot of things but one thing he hasn’t forgotten is his love for the Lord. He also hasn’t forgotten his favorite Bible verse. John 3:16. My heart melted.”

Jones is not sure when they will be discharged home, as Kenan is scheduled for more tests next week.

“Right now, “ she wrote, “I’m going to soak in every moment with this boy, my miracle.”

An account has been set up at Bank Independent in Kenan’s name to help the family with medical expenses, along with a GoFundMe campaign.