Shoals children get recycling education through the “Blues”

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FLORENCE, Ala. (WHNT) – The 33rd annual WC Handy Music Festival is well underway across the Shoals this week.

With music of all genres filling the air, there’s also some education going on as well.

As Microwave Dave sings the blues at the Florence-Lauderdale Public Library, wasn’t accompanied by his normal band.

He’s getting back-up from a host of kids who just made their own unusual instruments.

Lilli-Anna Vasquez is just one of several children participating in “Jazz It Up With Trash”.

“So you can keep shoe boxes and plastic bottles and stuff that you have to recycle, so you can make instruments,” Vasquez said.

Using file folders, empty water bottles, and old shoe-boxes, children are taught to take what would normally end up in the trash bin and make music.

It’s fun, with an educational tone.

“They can take an old file folder, roll it up and it turns into a horn. But of course that is reuse. So the next aspect that we are teaching them here today is when they are done with their horn is to recycle it, where it goes and how to do that,” said Rachel Mansell with Florence Recycling.

And judging by how much fun the kids were having, they get the message loud and clear.

Numerous educational events for kids are planned through-out the WC Handy Music Festival this week.

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