Shoals Chamber of Commerce seeking employees to participate in Talent Pipeline Management Initiative


THE SHOALS, Ala. — Everyone has heard some form of the phrase “better together.” It’s one of the main goals of the Talent Pipeline Management Initiative.

New to The Shoals Chamber of Commerce, it will serve as part of the Education and Workforce Readiness Division. The chamber is looking for employers who are willing to take part.

Stephanie Newland serves as the chamber’s Vice President of Workforce Readiness and said the initiative will set employers up for success.

“Employers get together on their own and decide what are the common needs among the industry or growth of employers who all need customer service people, or all need machinists, and they decide what are the common needs within training,” Newland said.

Newland added that through the collaboration, employers will develop beneficial training standards and expected outcomes, which will then be communicated to Training Providers who will assist with developing potential solutions and accountability measures, allowing the employers to drive the quality of their workforce.

While the initiative was developed before the coronavirus pandemic, Newland said the skills learned through the collaboration will help employers as they hire new employees in the current workforce climate.

“It really doesn’t matter, pandemic or not; this process works no matter what situation, but I think particularly now because you may be getting a lot of new employees that either haven’t been in the workforce certainly for a year, but it certainly can’t hurt at any time, but I think now it’s particularly critical.”

Businesses owners who would like to participate in the initiative don’t have to be members of The Shoals Chamber of Commerce but are always welcome to apply.

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