Shoals Ambulance Service to introduce new CPR device

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FLORENCE, Ala. – New life-saving technology is being deployed in ambulance’s serving Lauderdale County. This week, paramedics and emergency medical technicians were trained on the device.

When seconds matter, training pays off. Which is why paramedics and EMT’s with Shoals Ambulance Service are learning all about the Lifeline ARM. It is an automated chest compression device used for CPR.

“It will work in conjunction with the cardiac monitor, the drugs and the IV therapy that we will be doing,” explained Operations Director Blake Hargett. “It is just another tool to do more and better, quicker CPR.”

Shoals Ambulance will be equipping all ten trucks serving Lauderdale County with them. Once in place, the Lifeline ARM performs CPR until it is turned off, and frees up medical responders to assist patients in other ways.

“When we are in a rush and we are trying to do other things; they are trying to maintain an airway while they are trying to do compressions and there is just so much going on,” described EMT Mattie Pruitt. “This obviously does compressions a lot better than some people because it is made specifically for that.”

Pruitt has been an EMT for five years. She sees the advantages of the equipment. On long trips to a hospital, manual CPR can fatigue medics which can lead to unintentional errors.

“I feel like that is where this will help us the most. That room for error gets narrowed and that helps us save people,” stated Pruitt.

These devices will be put on ambulances over the next week. The Lifeline ARM costs about $10,000 each. Shoals Ambulance says they are the first service in northwest Alabama to use the life-saving device.

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