SHEFFIELD, Ala. (WHNT) — Some areas in Sheffield are still waiting for storm debris to be cleaned after back-to-back severe storms in March.

Sheffield Mayor Steve Stanley told News 19 that they are asking residents to be patient as cleanup crews continue working through the city.

“There have been quite a few things that have come together at the same time to obstruct our ability to pick up debris and dispose of it the way that we normally do,” Stanley said.

Stanley said that cleaning debris takes significantly longer because of the closing of the CWI Industrial Landfill in Cherokee, which was shut down by ADEM after multiple code violations.

Instead, trash has to be taken to another landfill in Franklin County.

“It’s about twice as far, twice as long,” Stanley said.

Stanley also said that one of the city’s three shuttle trucks has been unavailable due to an engine issue. Despite those obstacles, he’s happy with the progress that city employees have made over the past three weeks.

“The city employees, in the aftermath of both storms, worked tirelessly to get roads cleared to begin with and with the utility department to get power restored,” Stanley said.

Stanley told News 19 that they are hoping to operate at full capacity starting next week.