Sheffield 5th grader gives flowers to every girl in his school for Valentine’s Day.

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SHEFFIELD, Ala. – February 14th is unlike any other day at L.E. Willson Elementary School in Sheffield because of Carter Smith.

Carter and his mother Jamie spent more than an hour, traveling from room to room teaching an important lesson. “In first grade, we were thinking of what to do for Valentine’s Day, so we just thought of what about flowers; women like flowers on Valentine’s Day,” said Carter.

Now four years later, Carter’s class in kindness continues. “Everybody’s excited; it’s a blessing to have Carter with us,” said Principal Heather Collum.

Carter delivered a red carnation to every girl at L.E. Willson, with everyone showering him with thanks. Attached to each flower is a card with a message of faith. “It says that you are loved more than you will ever know by someone who died to know you,” said Carter.

He says he doesn’t do it for attention, he simply wants every girl to feel special. Principal Collum said his actions are spreading a message at his school that his fellow students, teachers, and others will carry in their hearts, that anyone can make a lasting impact with one act of kindness.

Carter said he plans to continue the tradition every Valentine’s Day until college.

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