Senator Jones speaks out about possible impeachment

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FLORENCE, Ala. – While Washington is in recess, U.S. Senator Doug Jones is visiting every corner of Alabama. While his main focus is on the economy there’s still an elephant in most rooms he visits.

At the University of North Alabama Monday afternoon, he spoke about workforce development and job recruitment. But, it’s hard to keep his focus outside of Washington with things heating up.

“There’s times when I have seen what appears to be a really damning piece of evidence turn out to be not so important,” Jones stated. “On the other hand, I’ve seen some pretty innocuous pieces of evidence turn out to be that piece that connects all of the dots.”

As a former prosecutor, Jones says he will rely on his own experience to determine his judgment.

“What I’m also wanting to make sure, based on my experience, that we see the whole picture. Right now we are getting bits and pieces here. And I want to see the whole picture from start to finish.”

According to Jones, he wishes the nation would not judge the situation based on political parties.

“They need to get out of their political corners and start looking at the facts,” Jones explained. “Because the allegations, and they are just that right now, are very, very serious.”

Serious enough, Jones is reserving his right to see where the evidence leads us.

“Where I sit is, let’s get the facts. Let’s get the facts and put all the facts out not only in front of the House, potentially the Senate, but we don’t know that yet, but certainly in front of the American people,” said the Senator.

And at the speed things ae moving, we could get some answers soon.

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